Business Lessons That Playing Candy Crush Will Teach You (Part One)

Published in Business | Monday, 20 June 2016
Business Lessons That Playing Candy Crush Will Teach You (Part One) King

You have probably been playing Candy Crush for a long time and never knew you could get business motivational tips, well here they are.

 Start Small But Aim High

When you download Candy Crush, your saga starts from the very beginning and if you see where you have to go, it’s a very long way. For you to reach the end, you have to go at it for a very long time.

Always set a goal, set it as high as possible so you can keep achieving.

Never Move On Without Getting The Job Done

While playing the game, you obviously have failed at clearing stages many times. You obviously have no option but to try again until you make it. Same goes for business, when you fail just accept it, learn from the experience and try again.

Just Because It Looks Like You Won’t Make, Doesn't Mean You Should Stop

Sometimes while playing Candy Crush, you will realize that you might not clear a stage and then towards the depletion of your moves you encounter a whole turn of events.

When it looks like you wont make it, it could just mean that you need to work extra hard and smart, your fortunes could change. If you don’t make it, you will still have the satisfaction of knowing that you put in your best until the end.

Acknowledge When Your Workmates Are Doing Well

You have many advanced candy’s, you use them well and smash the game crazy by clearing the jelly with 22 moves left, the words Sugar Crush come up and all the ordinary candy turns into special ones and all you see is stars. Then you get a huge pat on the back, “Divine”, “Sweet,” that makes you want to play more, doesn’t it?.

Whenever you see someone doing great, congratulate them, you never know how that will make their day even better and in turn it will make you feel better. Next time you will be the one winning that big contract and will get the same in return but never expect it.

“Every Level Got  A New Devil” – Pompi

When you move from one episode to the next you face new challenges. Chocolate that eats up Candy when you don’t clear it, time bombs that tick with every move, portals e.t.c. Every time you make a major move, always expect new challenges that you will encounter, be prepared to take them on. 

Balance Is Key 

When you choose to click on the Owl that is one the homepage of the game, you embark on a whole different journey. In the game you have to keep the Owl whose name is Odus comfortably sitting on a moon shaped scale, at the edges of the moon you will see two candy’s, whenever you mix Candy’s in the main section that are the same color as those on the edges it gets heavier and Odus moves towards that direction. If you don’t balance Odus he will fall off and the game is over.

You need to strike a balance with everything you do, planning your day and sticking to it makes it much easier to go about everything. Don’t end your day at the bottom of the scale; put your weights in order.