Case Study: How Zambian media house, Yipyap Media, broke a world record with Pizza Hut

Published in Business | Monday, 02 January 2017
Case Study: How Zambian media house, Yipyap Media, broke a world record with Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Zambia | Facebook

Who is Yipyap Media:

Yipyap Media are the creatives behind Zambia's best loved radio ads and features. Clients include Stanbic Bank, Nissan, Coca Cola, South African Airways as well as top advertising agencies.

The Mission:

Pizza Hut approached Yipyap Media to handle their radio marketing strategy and creative for their grand opening and entry into their Zambian market. With a timeline of just 5 days, they were tasked with not only making the Pizza Hut launch a success but to actually break a world record of the most pizzas sold on a Pizza Hut opening day. The target was to sell more than 2000 pizzas in one day.

The Rollout:

With the immense task at hand, the best solution was to use Lusaka's most listened to radio show as a platform: the award winning "Red Hot Breakfast with Chi & Hope" on Hot FM 87.7. Yipyap developed Pizza Hut teaser radio adverts and mentions on the breakfast show and created an interactive feature known as “The Mystery Clip” (snippets of audio are played, listeners call in, correct answers win Pizza Hut prizes). Yipyap Media also set up an outside live broadcast with Chi & Hope from the store on opening day and had live contests and updates of giveaways on Hot FM.


Through the concepts for radio, the response surpassed expectations. Pizza Hut sold 4000 pizzas, doubling the world record!!!

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