Coca-Cola's "100 Years of the Contour Bottle" Zambian radio campaign

Published in Business | Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Coca Cola's contour bottle is the unique icon that sets the brand apart, and it turning 100 years proved a great opportunity to re-kindle this dynamic brand’s connection to the youth. In 2015, Zambian media company, Yip Yap media, helped make this happen.

Purpose for the campaign

To celebrate the 100 years of the Coca-Cola contour bottle and make it a top of mind product of choice.

"Message in a bottle" radio ad campaign

The big idea was to get youth to have buy-in when it comes to the 100 years celebration of the Coca-Cola bottle. “Message in a bottle” was created to engage the audience by getting their insight through radio shows.

By asking questions about topics like fashion, Zambia’s milestones and influential personalities, they were able to give us their “message in a bottle” to have played back as an insert in adverts for the campaign.

Con-Tour Concert radio promotion

A free concert that had top local acts performing was advertised through radio. Once again the popular Hot FM formed the flagship for the radio messages aiming to attract people to attend the concert.

Some of the performing artists appeared live on drive time shows were giveaways took place to people who answered questions correctly about the concert.

Outcome and Results

People responded to the call-ins well and gave their insight and happy memories on the 100 year topics. They connected to the contour bottle being around for that long and we averaged over 80 calls in 10 minutes for each live show, but could only take 4 live on air.

The Con-Tour concert itself reached targeted number of people attending and the audience viewed Coca-Cola as a brand that cared by giving access to top artists performances for free.