SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-Up Display) is an awesome bit of innovation

Published in Creativity | Saturday, 05 November 2016

Behold, the SPUD (Spontaneous Pop-Up Display) that appears as a large paperback when collapsed, and when opened becomes shaped like a not-so-typical umbrella. It basically sits on a projector that displays an image on a 24-inch screen with USB and HDMI ports behind, a battery that can last up to 4 hours and is compatible with a variety of websites such as Chromecast and Roku. It may feel like you are carrying around a foldable tent, but this piece of advanced tech can be used as a second larger screen for your phone, tablet, or delivering presentations to a not-so-big boardroom.

So far its price is $374 on Kickstarter and despite its awkward shape, its main advantage is its portability with a big-enough screen for various entertainment possibilities.

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