Marsha Moyo: The Legacy That Will Live Forever

Published in Entertainment | Monday, 07 November 2016
Marsha Moyo: The Legacy That Will Live Forever marshamoyo.com

She had the most recognizable voice In the Zambian music industry after her breakout single Dark Child penetrated radio and its video getting heavy rotation on Television. For a long time before she came on the scene there was the absence of artists in the Zambia that could create a buzz locally but also have international appeal considering any music made in all English was frowned upon as too foreign and in a way, a symbol of rejecting ones local roots, but the amazing Marsha Moyo cracked that code, figured out the equation that eluded many that tried it before her.

Her career skyrocketed after the release of her very first album Dark Child out of which she earned a nomination at the South African Music Awards in the Best African Artist category, she was also a nominee in the Revelation of the Year and Best Female Artist - Southern Africa  categories at the Kora Awards. Marsha went on to release her very popular song Women Celebrated in 2004, she got nominated for Best Female African Artist - Southern Africa and Best African Video. She won a Ngoma Award in Zambia in the Best Vocal Recording category for her 2006 album The Fine Print. In 2013 she released another album called Vested In Love.


She not only wrote songs, she was an author;

"Marsha is also the author of the publication ZAMBIA: WOMEN CELEBRATED (2001, 2011 UNFPA) on the positive achievements and community contributions of several women in her country, Zambia. While, in 2009, she wrote Wheels of Change: Champions in the SADC Gender Agenda (UNECA, SADC) which sought to honor and recognize the SADC heroines and heroes who contributed immensely to the achievement of gender equality and equity in SADC." – marshamoyo.com

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Marsha Moyo had the opportunity to make millions in the path she decided to take after she graduated from University;

“After her studies in marketing at Rutgers University NJ, she returned to Zambia and there set up Ad. Track, the first media monitoring company in the country. Alongside this business, Marsha was hired as Marketing Services Manager of one the largest blue chip companies in her country and there she worked for four years.” – Lusaka Voice

However, Marsha Moyo quit her corporate aspirations and decided to take on music, she sent a demo to Sheer records in South Africa, and the executives there wasted no time in signing her. She chose an unpopular path both in deciding to get into making music and further did so by the kind of music she started making. She did urban adult contemporary music similar to that of artists like Barry White, Aretha Franklin, and Anthony Hamilton among others but made some turns with her sound that were just as brave as the original path she took.

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Marsha Mayo was the first Zambian artist to have her video air on MTV, an achievement that was only a dream for many of the people in the music industry at the time it happened. These days it’s not surprising to see Roberto, Urban Hype, Jay Rox, Mic Burner and other Zambian artists have their video’s played on international music TV channels, her efforts to take Zambian music to the world definitely paid off.

She will forever be an example of where an artist’s music can take them regardless of where they’re from, she was the world’s first recording artist to have performed for three months at the 7-star hotel Burj-al-Arab in Dubai which is a feat that cannot be taken nonchalantly.

Marsha Moyo passed away on Saturday 5th November, she spent a week in hospital in Lusaka after collapsing and getting into a coma. Marsha Moyo’s music was appreciated on a higher scale outside her own country, they do say that a prophet is appreciated more away from his own land, and sometimes that prophet needs to perform miracles elsewhere to turn their own people into believers.

Marsha announced on her official website on February 26th, 2016 that she would be releasing a new album, it is still yet to be seen what will happen to those plans now that she’s gone.

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