Why Coming To America sequel will be a success and who needs to be in it

Published in Entertainment | Thursday, 20 April 2017

A few weeks ago Eddie Murphy got everyone a little excited with a “since-deleted” tweet that had people wondering if Coming To America 2 was in the works…

Turns out it WASN'T fake news like his daughter Bria Murphy suggested. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount, the studio that released the original, have just signed up the same writers (Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield) to pen the sequel. No details of the cast or script have been divulged.

After a string of commercial and critical failures, Coming to America might actually be springboard Eddie Murphy’s career needs.

Reasons CTA2 Will Be A Success

The original writers are on board

Continuity is a big deal for sequels that are so far part. Cult status will bring older fans to watch the new flick, and having a sense of familiarity will only give positive press, as the news of the original writers of CTA has done. Imagine the backlash if it was an all new cast with new writers.

These days Hollywood is all about the old days

Hollywood currently undergoing through an unprecedented age “rehashment” with almost every film being with remake or reboot (Spiderman twice, the upcoming Matrix film) and 80s & 90s era productions (Transformers, Stephen King’s “It”, Power Rangers, Sandy Wexler, Stranger Things), so now is the perfect time to bring something back from the past [Ed’s Note: When are we getting a Back To The Future reboot?].

Eddie Murphy is due for a win

As a lead actor Eddie Murphy was pretty consistent at putting out movies in the 80s and 90s, then it all started going wrong around Pluto Nash, he hasn’t quite recovered, though not for lack of trying, and the media and some actors (David Spade) haven’t made it easy on him. Have gave us a glimpse of his magic as supporting character “Slide” in the Ben Stiller led Tower Heist not long ago. So we know he’s got it. Maybe going back to familiar ground is the key.

Actors that need to be in CTA2

Jay Pharoah

If there’s an actor out there that can play multiple characters it’s Jay Pharoah


Maya Rudolph

She’s hilarious and has a lot of range. Like Eddie Murphy Maya Rudolph’s a Saturday Night Live alum, and has been a part of some very successful movies (Shrek the Third, Grownups 1 & 2, Bridesmaids, Big Hero 6).

Trevor Noah

Coming To America is about an African going to America…nuff said. Plus he’s had acting experience, and he’s a really funny dude.


Aisha Tyler

She's the co-host of The Talk, host of Who’s Line Is It Anyway, and is killing it as Lana Kane on Archer.


Michael Blackson

He’s had sporadic acting appearances at best, and we don’t know why cause he steals every scene he’s in. He’s African too which is a big part of his act.

Best scenes from Coming To America

How to make an entrance at an engagement party

Reverend Brown: “There’s a God-uh, somewhere!”

My-T Sharp: “F*ck you! F*ck you! And f*ck you! Who’s next?”

At the club: “I wanna tear you apart…and your friend too!”

Samuel L Jackson gets "thrashed"