Everything Wrong with Macky 2’s “Favour” Video

Published in Music | Thursday, 02 February 2017
Everything Wrong with Macky 2’s “Favour” Video Youtube

At first squint, Macky 2’s video for Favour seems great! It’s has him having fun by showing all the hauls that come with him becoming more and more famed and keeping his imprint as one of the best in Zambian music circles. He flashes a bunch of Kwacha notes and performs some of his signature dance moves in all white garbs around fancy cars, it’s all good right? Well let’s take a critical look at it.

It is not the lack of a story attached to this video that makes it seem like a hasty product, it’s the number of slip-ups by the production team. There are scenes in the video that give a sort of ambiance that there was not a lot of attention to detail. So what were these gaffes?


The first time you see the smoke, it looks real because it drifts across the screen and seems as though it is coming from a real source. Not until the scene changes and you see the same smoke in other scenes, it just gives itself away.

The worst use of this smoke is when Macky 2 is seated on the bonnet of the car while it’s moving and the smoke keeps flowing across the screen. It doesn’t take a smart character from Big Bang Theory to know what direction the smoke would be going if they used real smoke machines.


Was the editor in a rush? Because they really messed small bits of the video by adding filters to it that really depreciate it.

Take for example this scene, it is shown for a split second. If this filter was available on Instagram, very few people would use it. And on top of that, what happened to his hand?

Another time the editor decided to play around with the image is this scene, the brightness is brought down very quickly from normal to this darkened image. It leaves the viewer wondering what happened but just like the image before this one, the scene passes by very nippily.


The camera personnel committed the biggest crime in cinematography, their shadows and that of their equipment can be seen in the final product. Video directors make sure they find ways for them not be seen in any way, shape or form, but in “Favour” they failed to do so. In one scene you can see them through the reflection of Macky 2’s Ray Bans.

In another scene, while Macky 2 is performing one of his moves, on the left a shadow of a drone can be seen.

In the last scene of the video we are treated to the interior of one of the cool BMW’s, the camera makes its way out of the car to the outside and just before we see where it leads to, a shadow of the man handling the camera and Macky 2 can be seen on the window of the car.


Macky 2 sitting on a moving car while spitting his lines and looking like he isn’t afraid of falling off is cool to watch, it’s easy to tell that he is in his element and is really having fun while doing it. But not even that can save this video from all the things that could have easily been avoided.