INTERVIEW: S.A. rapper Miss Celaneous is about to be “bigger than Pamela Anderson’s t*ts!!!”

Published in Music | Tuesday, 10 November 2015
INTERVIEW: S.A. rapper Miss Celaneous is about to be “bigger than Pamela Anderson’s t*ts!!!”

Straight outta Cape Town, Miss Celaneous' star is steady rising. She talks a big game, but she more than backs it up with her rap flow. Forget staying in "Femcee" lane, Missy is feenin' to take over the entire rap game.

PTL caught up with Miss Celaneous. Know more... (below):

First off, you're definitely one of the rawest MCs we've heard in a long time. You've got this confidence that comes out, and you're funny too. Have you always been this hard, or was it something that gradually happened?

Thanks so much for the interest in my Music and Brand and Thank You for taking the time to listen.

To answer your first question, I'm pretty raw and confident all of the time, I Speak my mind in my music and I enjoy entertaining people. There's never a filter when I write my thoughts down. I feel I have a better platform to express myself on a dope beat. But I have no hesitation dealing with what needs to be dealt with immediately face to face.

You're relatively new to the scene, but just how long have you been in the rap game?

Been in it for a minute though. My first performance at KoolOut, Waiting Room, Cape town.  Roughly 5years ago. My style of rap and vocab has evolved since then due to everyday experience but I still have the same principles. Obviously the hustle is stronger, now that I know the scheme of things and I can only improve and move upward from here.

Who is your biggest influence (in hip hop) right now?

No one in particular. To be honest I don't watch TV and whatever I'm exposed to happens online. I do follow the business methods of Russell Simmons in hip-hop but mostly I'm skimming through Business online newspapers.

I am an entrepreneur first and foremost. Women empowerment is something I support and feel strongly about. Getting paper through my art is steadily increasing. I guess you can say that my social interaction fuels my lyrical content for now.

There's a line in your #CheckMeOut track: "I am less than impressed, you claim to be fresh" then you go on to talk about someone "copying your flow and your fro". Shots fired?

Yeah it is what it is. That was a year ago. I'm over it now. I have bigger and better things to worry about. I am an innovator, what I put out will always be one of a kind. Originally me. I've accepted that people will bite when they can't come up with something better.

Image is such a big deal in music these days. You're unapologetic, very fierce and you've obviously put in a lot of thought to your image and brand.  Do you feel this is something African artists just aren't getting? Cause Elton John once said "Unless you show off, you're not going to get noticed". And we see you Missy, we definitely see you.

South African consumers accept what is on TV and Radio to be relevant, even though there are artists that don't have access to those platforms but have a better product at hand. Unfortunately that's why there are only a few that are so called 'running the game in SA.'

My brand/persona is nationally and internationally influenced. I would rather do international paid gigs and not be known in SA than do a free TV interview just to get a few more followers who won't necessarily buy my album.

Time is money. I think artists are too concerned with acquiring fame they miss the bigger picture. Just because you’re on TV doesn't mean you getting paid. Image versus reality.

Tell us about your clothing label #Tsak Apparel?

#Tsak launches soon. I'm very excited about it because it has a greater potential than I initially thought. Orders come in mostly from London and Australia as South Africans living there love the concept. The simple designs with the slogans sell well there. The recent increase in funding makes the quality of the garments better than before.  Go big or go home!

#TsakApparel is proudly South African and unapologetically Cape Townian. You will find slogans like #kaanget #tsak #watkykjy #jywens #bek #imkakserious #dontwysme #areyoujas.

Not for the faint-hearted (lol), but entertaining nonetheless and a great conversation starter.  The brand focuses on pride and acceptance of coloured culture in SA. Everyone uses the slang but not everyone knows where it comes from or what it necessarily means.

With your music, you've got some bangers, you show a more sensual side in the track #AllIDo ft EBI. Do you have a lot of control over what you music you put out?

I have full control. I'm willing to learn and try new things that producers suggest providing it sounds dope, but I do write my own lyrics and format my songs myself.

In the #AllIDo track you say you wanna be a wife? Is this really real?

(LOL) I have been hitched before, wore the t-shirt. Although it didn't work out. There's something so beautiful about being married. Knowing you have the support and loyalty of a good man and it feels even better knowing you have his back in the same way.

Y'all forget I'm a Woman!

Of all the music you've put out, what is your favorite track?

#PUSHOVA. Most of the time, I’m not about that emo buzz but what will I say...when a man is doing it right...he should get some credit.

I challenged myself vocally in this one and did something I've never done before. It's lovely on the ear and people will relate.

Who would you most like to work with?

KAARIS!!!!! YouTube him please. G Eazy, Asap Rocky, Davido, Coli Bud, DJ Milkshake, Machine Gun Kelly, Jean Grey, Onyx, Tyga, Jon B.

Your calendar is filling up of late. How's been the reaction from the crowd when you do your thing on stage?

I get a lot of love on stage and it feels great! I enjoy tripping people out. They've never seen anything like it! Getting paid for a job well done gives me pleasure. I also appreciate constructive criticism. As this helps with improving my performance which is what I strive to do at all times.

Taking away the fame, popularity, and gender and music artists in S.A., where would you rank yourself in terms of skills?

There's no doubt I have lyrical skill and flow. I'm not competing with other artists, bringing something different and authentic, always evolving and expanding I can't limit myself with a number.

What's next for Miss Celaneous?

I'm under new management and I’m assisted by my business mentor as of this month and I'm already excited about the new developments. Booked for outdoor festivals and corporate gigs within this year and next year international gigs and collaborations.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Something I've learned the hard way in previous years. I'll be doing ME... No Compromise! And having fun while I'm doing it. Join in on the ride or stand on the side.

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